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Custom Design & Installation Professionals

The professionals at Closets of Rhode Island are here to transform your generic and useless closet space into a well-organized Rhode Island custom closet. The great news is that you don't have to sacrifice looks to get function; the closet systems we design masterfully combine both. With an eye for stunning design, as well as detail, we are able to artfully and skillfully design your perfect new storage system, plus take care of superior quality installation.

If you feel the space in which you live, work or play lacks the structure you need, then our Rhode Island closet designer can help make the transformation. The average homeowner actually has plenty of space; it's the knowing how to use it wisely that tends to ruing things. Our job is to make sure you are able to maximize this available space so that you can have a smooth running household once again.

Clutter and a lack of organization are two of the main culprits that cause people to feel their home or office are not an enjoyable place to be. So what if we could help put an end to this? Let us show you what a difference it will make to have the organization and structure you and your family need in order to improve the ease and effectiveness of your daily routine. Most of all, let us help you love the look, feel and function of your living and work space.

Combination of Beautiful and Functional SpaceKitchen, Bathroom & Laundry

Some of the most important areas that require the highest level of proper organizing are the rooms in your home which get the most use. For that reason some of the most popular service calls we get are for the kitchen pantry, laundry room and bathroom linen closet. We all know how crucial it is to have enough space in these areas, without it getting things done seems next to impossible.

Even worse, without structure a negative trend begins to emerge. Clothes pile up, clean towels don't have a place to go and proper prepping for cooking or baking seems to never get done. So your house never really seems clean and tasks never really seem completed. Our goal is to help you regain a systematic layout for your home so that you never have to live in a state of unkempt limbo with to-do list tasks continuing to add up!

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Reorganize Your Whole Home Life

Basement, Garage & Commercial

In some cases, your needs for storage are of a more industrial kind. For that reason, the Closets of Rhode Island team offers services such as basement closets, garage storage and commercial closets. You can rest assured, the look is still attractive but now you will have a better method for organizing the mayhem. All of these areas are places notorious for leftover items getting dumped; often to be dealt with later but later never comes.

Yet the valuable real estate space the ditched items take up make it impossible to utilize the space for anything else. Imagine a basement where organized storage would mean the ability to finish the basement and have a bonus room. Or envision a garage where you use it for what it was intended for – parking your car.

Even your commercial space could be a well-oiled machine in which motivation was high and work was completed more efficiently. Yet the one thing standing in the way of all of this is the lack of organized space. Now, we can gladly give you back that space with our Rhode Island closet systems.

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Other Closet Systems

We also offer other options such as home office, children's closet and master closet. The idea is to make sure that every aspect of your home or work space has the structure needed. You will immediately notice a difference in how your day to day routine improves. Let's get started with your Rhode Island custom closets and help bring tranquility back to your life while ridding it of clutter and anxiety.

If you are looking for custom closet solutions, call our Rhode Island closet designer at 401-632-4640 or complete our online request form.

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